Taninthayi offshore fishing vessels relying only on Ranong market

IMG_30601-0-1024x678 Ninety-five per cent of fish caught in the Taninthayi coast are delivered to Ranong market.   Photo: Khaing Htoo (Myeik IPRD)

1 Oct 2020 - Source: Global New Light of Myanmar - As all the fishing vessels off the Taninthayi coast depend solely on Ranong market, the businesses may come to a halt from the declining price and weakening demand and marine workers may experience hardships, according to Myanmar Fisheries Federation (MFF).

"The whole fishing business will grind to a halt if the Ranong market is closed. Consequently, it will threaten the livings of marine workers. At present, over 30,000 marine labourers are working in the fishing vessels, and about 100,000 families depend on that business. We are hoping to keep Ranong market open", said U Thet Soe, secretary of MFF (Taninthayi Region). Majority of the fish caught are currently being sold at Ranong fish market, and low-value fish are sent to fish powder processing factories in Myeik. The fish are still demanded at Ranong market, for now, fish entrepreneurs said.
"If traders from Ranong market stop buying the fish, fishing vessels will suspend. There are over 1,000 fishing vessels in Myeik District. Suppose we have a good transport infrastructure and cold storage plants for value-added production in Myeik town. In that case, the country will receive more revenues, create more job opportunities and bring Myanmar workers working in Thailand back home," secretary of MFF added.
Ninety-five per cent of fish caught in the Taninthayi coast are delivered to Ranong market. MFF called on the government to invite the investors for cold-storage plants and bridge construction project in Myeik town. As a result, it can contribute a lot to the country's fishery production sector.

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