Whirlwind may bring more rain in four regions and states

Whirlwind may bring more rain in four regions and states Photo: climate_weather.html

30 SEP 2020 - Source: Eleven Media Group Co., Ltd.

Whirlwind across Myanmar may bring more rain in four regions and states including Yangon Region in early October, said Meteorologist Chit Kyaw.

"The whirlwind started from the Gulf of Thailand on September 30 and it may cross Myanmar. It may bring more rain in Taninthayi Region and residents need to be careful of flash floods and landslides. If the whirlwind is spread, it will bring more rain in Mon State, Yangon and Ayeyarwady regions around October 1 and 2. Rakhine State may have more rain due to the effect of the whirlwind," he said.

There are some unusual weather phenomena in this week and they created the conditions in which southwest monsoon wind is delayed to retreat from Myanmar and heavy rain poured down in southern parts of Myanmar. Similarly, more rain poured down in upper areas of Myanmar four days ago and it brought the increase of water level in Ayeyarwady River. Although water level in the river may increase to about two feet above the current water level in Ayeyarwady Region on October 4, it may not reach its danger level, he added.

"Heavy rain and high tides may be expected in Gulf of Martaban and delta areas and fishermen need to be careful as they may get drifted to eastern parts of India due to the effect of strong easterly wind. It may delay the retreat of southwest monsoon wind from delta areas and southern parts of Myanmar. A little rain may pour down for three days around mid-October," he said.

At the present, the southwest monsoon wind has retreated from northern and middle parts of Myanmar, announced the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology (DMH) on September 28.

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