Twante canal crossing bridge to be built in Seikkyi Khanaungto

Twante canal crossing bridge to be built in Seikkyi Khanaungto Photo shows a model of the Twante canal crossing bridge connecting to Seikkyi Kanaungto Township. Photo : Naing Lin Kyaw (Dala)

11 SEP 2020 - Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar

Seikkyi Kanaungto Township is well known as an island town and most of the residents rely upon the motor vessels to cross the river. So, authorities are planning to build the Twante canal crossing bridge.
There are over 35,000 people in nine wards in Seikkyi Khanaungto township. The township does not develop in industrial and agricultural businesses. So, 90 per cent of the local people are working in Yangon City. "We have been crossing the canal to reach Yangon city for many years. Now, Dala bridge is being constructed. We are glad to hear that authorities are planning to construct a bridge in Seikkyi Khanaungto. Previously, no one knows where Seikkyi Khanaungto is. Upon completion of the bridge, Seikkyi Khanaungto will be developed in education, health, economic and transportation," said U Ohn Maung, an 80-year-old man from Seikkyi Khanaungto township's east-ward. The bridge project can create job opportunities for the residents. Over 90 per cent of the residents can reach Yangon city in a short time by land route. The bridge project can develop the local people's social and economic lives. Upon completion of the two bridges, which are essential for the development of the north of Yangon city, local people can reach Yangon City from Seikkyi Khanaungto and Dala towns. Seikkyi Khanaungto township is 3.04 square miles wide. Twante canal crossing bridge connecting Seikkyi Khanaungto township with Dala township will be a two-lane reinforced bridge. It will be 2,542 feet long with 775-metre long and 10-metre wide approach road. Estimated cost of the project is K 25 billion. The Bridge Construction Unit-1 from the Ministry of Construction will construct the bridges in 2019-2020 financial year.—Naing Lin Kyaw (Dala) (Translated by Hay Mar)

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