01 Aug 2020 - Source: Global New Light of Myanmar - The construction of inshore inspection jetty bridge necessary for the fisheries sector in Kawthoung will be reportedly completed in this September, according to the Kawthoung District Fisheries Federation (KDFF). The fisheries entrepreneurs constructed the checkpoint by themselves in Kawthoung, where individual boats can be inspected. The government has granted permission to construct the bridge after the entrepreneurs have submitted their difficulties.

"The regional government allocated the fund to construct the inshore inspection jetty. About K100 million fund has been targeted from the regional government budget. The project has been already implemented. It has targeted to be completed in September. Currently, we have a self-constructed jetty bridge. We are also paying the tax to the government," said Vice-Chair U Myo Aung of Kawthoung District Fisheries Federation.
"Currently, only a boat can dock at the jetty. Upon completion of the jetty bridge, three boats can dock at the bridge because it is 200 feet in length. It can save time for the inspection team as well. The cargos can reach the market rapidly," he highlighted. The no-fishing season will be finished in August and the fishing season will usher in September. There are more than 800 inshore fishing boats and about 40 offshore fishing vessels in Kawthoung District.—Zin Yaw Aye (Translated by Hay Mar)