New approach to discharge groundwater in Myanmar and Design & construction of Radial Collector Well in Myanmar


New approach to discharge groundwater in Myanmar with climate change  

Writer: Myint Thein [National Literary Award Writer (Apply Science)]
1. Global climate changes started since last three decades. Seasonally weather forecasting is changing. It is quite different year by year. Heavy rain in a regionwhilst draught is happening in another region. On the other site, the temperature is  higher than normal. Happening are out of systematic time scale.

2. In Myanmar, climate change is high-risk since Cyclone Nargis 2008. Myanmar peoples suffer effect of climate change in their economy, water supply, waterresources from that 2008 turning point. Flood, draught, and shelters are serious, mostly in coastal region and central dry zone of Myanmar. Water supply is serious year after year, mostly groundwater discharge in land are difficult to regular practice. Deeper drill but less water get is facing in regular drilling practice in land because recharge is less but discharge is more.

3. Author aware these points of groundwater supply industry in our country. I wrote this status quo in the article "Water Climate Myanmar" in Myanmar version. And give a hint of new approach. Display in newspaper, Journals and Facebook post.

4. Nowadays, communities are facing water supply shortage in countrywide, especially in dry zone of central Myanmar. Societies and regional authorities supply water boxers to those peoples. Villagers from some of the villages closed to the sand stream / rivers are digging shallow hand dug well in those sand stream to get water. But they have to wait the whole day to get enough water for their house use.

5. More than 500 number of sand stream are available dry zone of central Myanmar. The author a thought "The new approach to discharge groundwater from the dry sand stream at a depth. I have confidence that this method is a best way to discharge groundwater for community during climate change in Myanmar. This type of well is not common use in public. We have to make practice to peoples to become famous and common use.

6. It is called "Radial Collector well".

7. The cost is reasonable and well is cost effective quality service for community water supply. Discharge capacity is more than normal large diameter well in land. Governmental, non-governmental organizations can do with the regional societies.

8. Let start do! The general design and construction practice are below:

File Name: Organize-to-do-Radial-Collector--Sand-Stream-and-Design--Construction-Practice-28th-July-2020
File Size: 196 kb
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ရန်ကုန်မြို့ရှိ မိုးရေစုဆောင်းသော ပုရွက်ဆိတ်များ
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