Chin State Minister inspects construction works at Lower Laivar Dam


21 July 2020 - Global New Light of Myanmar - The Chin State Minister for Agriculture, Livestock Breeding, Forestry and Mines U Mang Hen inspected construction works at Lower Laivar Dam, the third dam in the Chin State, on 19 July afternoon.

Firstly, U Toe Myint, the dam construction group official of Thiha Min Swe company, which has been carrying out the construction project, explained the stages of the construction of the dam, and the benefits that can bring to the residents.

Afterwards, the Chin State Minister and other officials inspected the dam.

By using the budget of K3,038 million, the construction work for Lower Laivar Dam commenced on 1 June 2019. The construction was 100 per cent completed on 30 June 2020.

The Lower Laivar Dam is located in Falam Township. The location of the Lower Laivar Dam is about a mile away from the existing Laivar Dam.

The area of the earth-fill dam is 2.5 square miles. The height of the dam is 65 feet and the length is 330 feet. The total storage capacity of the dam is 800 acre-feet and the usable capacity is 655 acre-feet (177 million gallons)

The first dam of Chin State is the Upper Laivar Dam, the second one is Thiki Dam and the third one is the Lower Laivar Dam. The main objective of the Lower Laivar Dam is to store the water that flows from the catchment areas of the Upper Laivar Dam.
The Lower Laivar Dam will be able to supply 300,000 to 800,000 gallons of water per day to about 50,000 residents in Falam Township. —MNA (Translated by Maung Maung Swe)

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