Riverside worries for Dala residents

jetty-boat-speed-ygn-river- Photo: Aung Htay Hlaing/The Myanmar Times

30 JUN 2020 - Source: Myanmar Times - For those who live beside the river, the monsoon rains can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the streets look cleaner and the fields greener. For others though, the strong winds and pounding rains make it hard to dry clothes and travel across the river.

The people of Dala and Seikkyi Kanaungto wait for a break in the rains to venture across to the other side of the Yangon River, where many work or trade goods.

"There's no lifejacket or buoys for us. Even when they have the life-jackets they are old and smelly, so no one wears them. It's both dirty and dangerous. I wish there were enough new life-jackets for the passengers," said Ma Thandar who makes the daily trip to Yangon from Dala for work.

Residents on the other side of the river also worry about sudden winds, which often toss the small boats around when the rains fall.

The boats are equipped with enough lifejackets and buoys according for all passengers making the journey across the river, said U Kyaw Nyein, chair of the Dala township Motorboat Supervisory Committee.

"Each boat is supplied with safety equipment. There is no expiry date for the lifejackets, but we will acquire new ones next year," he said.

About 500 Yangon-Dala ferries run per day, with no notable accidents for over two years, he added. - Translated

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