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Water distribution becomes more effective and equal in central dry zone to farmers' fields in a result of Pyawt Ywar Pump Irrigation Project. Pyawt Ywar is situated 70 kilometers west of Mandalay in Myinmu Township where Mu River pour into Ayeyarwaddy River.

Farmer empowerment and greater involvement would not only contribute towards better scheme performance, but also improve their livelihoods in terms of increased agricultural productivity due to a more reliable water supply.

By establishing farmer-led water sharing system called Water Users Association (WUAs), the farmers in 5 villages have developed a new institutional structure to improve water supply and management in the scheme. Besides, the reason WAUs are being set up is the 2017 government's Guidelines on Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM) that calls for WUAs. 

We invite Sanjiv de Silva who is a researcher - Natural Resources Governance and Petra Schmitter, Research Group Leader - Sustainable and Resilient Food Production System from International Water Management Institute (IWMI) to elaborate on Farmer-led Water Sharing System which is to support the creation of these farmer-led institutions by suggesting principles and processes that can help and be adapted in the establishment of WUAs in the future. 

Additionally, When it comes to WUA formation and organizational strengthening, there is no 'one-size-fits-all' approach.

What we will talk about / What you will hear

  • The benefits of Farmer-led system
  • What are the challenges?
  • Showing A Handbook for Establishing Water User Associations
  • To understand what WUA structure will best suit a scheme and the process of identifying needs to be correct.

The live online interview will be at 19:00 on Friday (26th of June) on the Myanmar Water Portal.

Furthermore, you can ask questions after the interview, so this is your chance!!

Please leave your comments below on the portal what topic you would like to see next.

Intended for whom

  • Early Professionals
  • University Students
Please join the "Let's Talk about Water - Discussions" to join the talk show. (Link will be displayed in the group)

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