Teddim faces water shortage

pc1 Locals in Teddim Township in Chin State carry water

26 May 2020 - Source: Eleven Media Group Co.,Ltd.

KALAY-Locals from Teddim Township, Chin State had water scarcity since the beginning of early December.

"Water shortage occurred in early December. We have no enough to cook the rice. We have to carry water from a place about 5-mile away from our village. We had to bathe in Manipu river which is far from our village about four miles. There is an old lake in our village but it dried out. There is no spring," said a local from Patzan village.

The Patzan village is far about 18 miles from Teddim Township. Now, the village is facing a water shortage.

Locals have urged the government to provide easier access to water for all.

Likewise, some wards in downtown Teddim Township faced water shortages.

Water shortage had to occur in some regions of Chin State in the open season.

"The downtown of Teddim Township didn't access water well. Now, the Township Development Committee and Fire Services Department provided water to the Facility Quarantine Centers. Likewise, the authorities distributed water to all wards in downtown. Water can be available 15 minutes or half-hour per day. Some wards have to carry water from other places for their taking bathe. Some have to buy water. Currently, the electricity is inconvenient in downtown Teddim Township," said CS Moe Noe from Teddim Township.

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