Dolphin conservation campaign conducted in Ayeyawady

IMG-41522788b266622dad116466b21d75bf-V-0-768x576 Officials from the Fisheries Department and delta locals pose for group photo after they erected a poster for conservation of Ayeyawady Dolphin.  Photo: Maung Maung Myint (IPRD)

20 MAY 2020 - Source: Global New Light of Myanmar - Ayeyawady dolphin conservation poster and warning signs were erected in Ayeyawady region to protect and conserve the Ayeyawady dolphins. These activities are being carried out because people are selling the fish without obtaining the legal aquatic products sale licence, and selling the rare species of Ayeyawady dolphins as well as collecting the sea products without a licence.

The Ayeyawady dolphins (Orcaella brevirostris) are oceanic dolphins and found near sea coasts and rivers in Myanmar. They are very rare and endangered mammal species. So, the Fisheries Department prohibited that the rare and endangered mammal species are not allowed to catch, kill and hurt regardless of whether the whole bodies or parts of their bodies. Additionally, the endangered Ayeyawady dolphins are not allowed to export, hand over, transport and hand in without having any recommendations from the department concerned. If Ayeyawady dolphins are found alive coincidentally, they have to be released as soon as possible. If people fail to follow these instructions, they will be having action taken under the Myanmar Marine Fisheries Law.

A total of 79 Ayeyawady dolphins were found in a 10-day survey conducted from 10 to 20 February in 2019-2020 fiscal year between Mandalay and Bhamo, a record high population this year. The population of Ayeyawady dolphin was recorded from 2002 to 2018. The survey counted 72 dolphins in 2002 and 76 dolphins in 2018. This year, the survey found 79 dolphins, which can be said to have yielded a good result of the conservation process.
The Ayeyawady dolphins give birth to only one baby dolphin every three year. —Maung Maung Myint (IPRD) (Translated by Hay Mar)

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