World-class water treatment plant project to come into sight in Yangon

030-0-1 Municipal workers are in process of connecting water pipelines.

​29 MAR 2020 - Source: Global New Light of MyanmarAt a time when every effort is being made to ensure equitable urban development in Yangon, a host of various projects are being implemented not only in the downtown but also in the outskirts. The implementation of establishing a world-class water treatment plant project has already begun in Twantay, Yangon Region.

The site of the world-class water treatment plant project is beside 5.5 nautical miles of Twantay canal near Phayagyisu village, Pateswe village tract, Twantay Township. Once the project is completed, purified drinking water will be distributed to local people from Twantay and Dala.

Officials met in discussions
In regard to the world-class water treatment plant project, officials met locals and discussed with them at the prayer hall of U Pyue Pagoda in Phayagyisu village at 9 am on 3 March in 2020. During the meeting, departmental officials from Dala and Twantay Townships briefed locals about the water treatment plant project.
"With the assistance provided by Japanese government, Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) is taking charge of the project in an effort to supply drinking water to local people in Twantay, Dala and Kawhmu townships located in the south district of Yangon" said Daw Thin Thin Soe, in-charge and assistant head of water availability and water supply under the YCDC.
The water treatment plant project will be implemented at a cost of 4.176billion Yen. The government bought a land plot having 18.778 acres of farmland in Phayagyisu village in Twantay where the project will be established. As regards, the public meeting was held on 3 March and discussions with local people centered on matters relating to the project.

Distribution of 3.3million gallons of water
The world-class water treatment plant will treat sewage from Twantay canal in the multiple processes and then supply 3.3million gallons of drinking water to local people in Dala and Twantay townships daily through the township water supply pipeline network.
The drinking water will be distributed to the local people from Kawhmu and Kungyangon townships by car.

Hoping the project can complete in 2022
It is hoped that the water treatment facility starts in 2020 and completes in December in 2022. At present water pipelines are being connected. This project will bring about pleasure to the local people from Dala, Twantay, Kawhmu and Kungyangon townships that have difficult access to purified drinking water.
The water treatment plant project will distribute 3.3million gallons of water through Dala water supply network and 0.066million bottles of drinking water to local people in Kawhmu and Kungyangon townships.
The world-class water treatment plant will produce purified drinking water introducing rapid sand filtration system. The sediments settled from the water treatment process will be used in rubbish disposal system the YCDC is handling. Lagunpyin water supply project is under implementation to help supply water to the townships in Yangon Region. This project is expected to complete in 2022. Once completed, 40million gallons of water will be supplied on a daily basis. Lagunpyin water supply project will distribute drinking water to the wards in Dagon Myothit (East) township and the industrial zone area.

An increase in water supply area in Yangon
Ngamoeyeik, Hlawga and Gyobyu reservoirs are key parts in supplying drinking water to the Yangonites. New water supply projects are under implementation in a bid to increase water supply area.
Water supply area accounted for 45% in Yangon Region until July in 2019. It is expected that the water supply area will rise to 90 % in 2025, said U Than, Joint-Secretary of the YCDC.
Kokkowa water supply project that is under implementation is also expected to be completed in 2025. Once completed, the project will supply water where necessary. The YCDC is exploring new water resources and striving for a reduction in water loss and wastage in the current water supply system acquiring international helps.

Basic needs for public
The basic needs for the public are being fulfilled while implementing all-round developments in Yangon. At the same time hygiene drinking water projects will have to be undertaken. Such implementation of the world-class water treatment project is also a part of fulfilling daily basis need for the Yangonites. Translated by Htut Htut (Twantay)

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