Mandalay disaster response team to work with other groups in the north

flood-street People wade through a flooded street in Myanmar. The Myanmar Times

20 Jan 20 - Source: Myanmar Times - The Mandalay Disaster Response Team has joined forces with other charitable groups in northern Myanmar to strengthen its ability to respond to emergencies in the region and neighbouring areas.

The organisation was formed in 2016 with members of more than 20 charitable groups to assist people displaced by floods, earthquakes, fires and other calamities.

U Than Tun Myint, chair of the team, said that by working with other groups they would be able to respond more quickly and effectively in emergencies.

"Our team is not big enough. By cooperating with other groups, rescues can be carried out more quickly using vehicles from other teams," he said. "Together, we can carry out a coordinated response rather than going our separate ways."

He said his group is funded mainly by donations from businessmen and other organisations.

"Myanmar normally begins to experience natural disasters in May at the start of the rainy season," he said. "We inform the regional government about it first, and then set up donation camps."

U Than Tun Myint said his group had provided aid to internally displaced people in Rakhine State.

"Last year, we received K15 million, which we gave to the flood victims in Mon and Kayin states," he said. – Translated

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