FMO and WWF Myanmar to Advance Industrial Wastewater Treatment in Myanmar


In February 2019, after signing at a ceremony in The Hague to provide seed funding to WWF to develop wastewater treatment projects in Myanmar and another country, Zambia, FMO and WWF Myanmar made an advancement to demonstrate the pre-feasibility study of industrial wastewater treatment in Myanmar.

Despite the rapid industrial development in Myanmar in both Yangon & Mandalay, there has been a lack of industrial wastewater treatment plants. Few industries have basic treatment systems, but these are not effective and will not be able to meet industrial emission standards. Therefore, in most cases, the industrial discharges are emitted into surface waters without proper treatment and, as a result, cause devastating effects for the local environment. As local capacity is very limited in terms of technical knowledge and appropriate investment, external support is required to make to address the significant issues.

The pre-feasibility study by FMO and WWF on the state of Myanmar Industrial Wastewater Treatment emphasizes that both the technical and financial solution pathways need to be explored to address the issues. The goal of the study is to find business opportunities and existing barriers to promote private sector investment in green technologies. The study will be undertaken over the coming 10 months, with financial support by FMO and WWF Netherlands.

During the inception workshop on Sep 11, 2019 in Yangon, WWF explained the current financial background and challenges. Presently, related to the use of wastewater treatment systems, the international industry in Myammar acts responsibly but national industry, including SME's, elude these actions due to limited knowledge and capacity on environmental protection. So far, government enforcement is feeble so that the project will improve responsible governance as a corporate objective to empower having wastewater treatment plant in industry area.

As a result of this study, the project aims to mitigate the potential reduction in profits by companies investing in proper waste water treatment systems by:

  • 1.Providing technical and capacity building support to industry including SME's.
  • 2.Providing services to maximize the use of investment incentives.
  • 3.Establishing partnerships with commercial banks to improve industry access.
  • 4.Providing services to help reduce the financing costs of compliance within FMO's range.

The next step of this project is to finalize preparatory assessment towards 2-4 industrial zone for in-depth analysis based on a set of criteria developed by the WWF team and project related stakeholders. Furthermore, the final report will include an agreement with a preliminary intention from the industrial zones to invest in wastewater treatment plant which will be presented to stakeholders, including FMO. If the investments are feasible, a detailed project investment study will be performed for project implementation.


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