Plans underway for aerial seeding in Inle Lake area by helicopter

Picture A villager from Inle Lake rows a boat with his leg in Shan State. Photo: EPA

15 Sep 19 - Source: Mizzima - Aerial seeding will be jointly carried out in the Inle Lake areas in Shan State (South) by the Forestry Department under Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Conservation and the Htoo Companies Group.

They will reportedly grow trees by aerial seeding in five places in the east and west of Inle Lake, Nyaungshwe Township as project sites to protect the drying up of Inle Lake by erosion and sedimentation.

Htoo Companies Group adviser Dr. Maung Mar said, "There are deforestation in these places and soil erosion made sedimentation in Inle Lake. Then the lake faces drying up in many places. We must grow trees to protect Inle Lake from drying up. So we designated these places for growing trees. In fact, we need to grow trees in the entire country."

Htoo Companies Group will spend 16-20 million kyats for this project and Forest Department will give them the required seeds. The seeding project on 2,000 acres of land is taking place this weekend.

Director of Forest Department under Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Conservation, Thein Toe, said, "The costs will be high. We will urge the government to do this work by self-investing if the result is found successful after observing for some time. This is an experimental project as this company wants to help us."

Htoo Companies Group is reportedly planning to grow more trees later in areas of need.

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