Clay pots find new market along Shweli River

Picture Myanmar traditional earthen pots. Photo: Ngwe Ohe

09 Sep 19 - Source: Global New Light Of Myanmar - Earthen pots are now available in the villages located on the banks along the Shweli, a river serving as a boundary between Katha District of Sagaing Region and northern Shan State.

Once, villagers of the area had to buy clay pots they used mostly as drinking water containers in a place that is far from their homes. As the road was rough and the journey was long, and the earthen pots were fragile, many never reached the destination intact, according to the residents.

"Like in other rural areas of the country, the earthen pots have been an essential household item of the villages of the area. So, families faced hardships to get an earthen pot, particularly for storing drinking water.

But thanks to the efforts of the clay pot producers and distributers of the lower parts of Sagaing Region, who are now providing door-to-door sales at the villages, residents of the area do not need to worry about the commodity anymore," said a resident housewife.

"They come to us from faraway places in families, and are making long stays at our villages in selling their pots right at our doorsteps. See, how, prudent and venturesome are they in earning their living," lauded a resident. "If they stay at their home waiting for customers, they cannot enjoy brisk sales. Now they are selling a lot through door-to-door services. It is the fruits of their hard work. In fact, what they are doing is a win-win situation for both of us, "another villager said.

Nowadays, earthen pot makers are facing a shrinking market, as more and more people in villages and towns are relying on bottled water, and using the 20-litre plastic bottles as household drinking water containers instead of clay pots. But some Myanmar people still prefer earthen pots which can naturally keep the water cool and clean.
— Ngwe Ohe

(Translation: TMT )

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