Dawei flood and landslide damages home, water shortage

Picture Flood occurs in Ye Phyu Township, Dawei District, Taninthari Region

13 Aug 19 - Source: Eleven Myanmar - DAWEI- Flood and landslide occurred in the villages in Ye Phyu Township, Dawei District, Taninthari Region, caused house damages and drinking water shortage, say locals.

Due to heavy downpours across Dawei District, villages were submerged and the road on Yangon-Dawei Highway was also flooded. So, vehicles didn't pass through the road and over 400 locals from three wards in downtown of Dawei District were evacuated to flood relief camps.

"Water level receded by about 1 feet but no one can go to those places because the flowing water is strong. A flood relief camp has been opened at the Basic Education High School in Kalainaung sub-Township. Victims are in need of drinking water," said Aung Naing, Administrator of Kalainaung sub-Township.

There are hundreds of flood victims in some villages of Kalaingaung sub-Township. Moreover, houses collapsed due to downpours and passenger buses were blocked on Yangon-Dawei Highway due to the flooding. So, passengers were sent by boats as well as the Road Department repaired the collapsed roads.

At present, the weather is fine and the water level gradually decreases. Flood and landslide affected mostly villages in Dawei District. Moreover, the road access is cut out and there has been a water shortage problem. The locals are now depending on rainwater for their drinking.

Among the victims being blocked in the mountain of Shinmaw Pagoda, three were evacuated and rescue activities are being carried out aiming to evacuate the victims.

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