Myanma Shipyards to build six vessels during next half

picture A new fishing trawler being built by Myanma Shipyards. Aung Phay Kyi Soe/The Myanmar Times

15 Aug 19 - Source: Myanmar Times - The Myanma Shipyards-AMECC Joint Venture Co Ltd will build six vessels and repair 10 in the six months from October 1 to March 31, said the general manager of the company.

"All offers for the next shipbuilding project are from local private owners in Myanmar. We have built some new vessels according to the criteria of the Classification Societies (ClassNK), and we are upgrading our shipbuilding," U Kyaw Kyaw, the company's general manager for planning, said.

The six vessels to be built in next six months are four 30-metre fishing trawlers, one 36-passenger vessel, and one 70m oil barge. The company is building the four trawlers starting this year under eight-month contracts.

The company is also repairing two passenger vessels, two oil tankers, one offshore utility vessel, one buoy-laying vessel, two steel yachts, one recreation river vessel, and an oil barge. It is also repairing four cruise ships, two 25-metre harbour tugs, one offshore accommodation barge, and a recreation river vessel.

The joint venture delivered a US$2.2-million multifunctional buoy-handling vessel, the "BH-101," to the Directorate of Water Resources and Improvement of River Systems on July 27.

Myanma Shipyards signed an agreement with Dong A Shipbuilding Industry of Vietnam to establish a joint-venture company in 2015, and it started operations that October. Its name was changed to Myanma Shipyards-AMECC Joint Venture Co Ltd to build and repair commercial vessels in 2017. The company has built 38 vessels in four years.

Myanma Shipyards was established in 1970 as a government-owned dockyard, and it became a business company in fiscal 2013-2014. It has built 600 vessels, including an offshore support vessel, harbour tugs and general cargo landing craft for Singapore, a steel yacht for France, an anti-pollution response vessel for Indonesia, a diving boat for Thailand and a 77m corvette for the Myanmar Navy.

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