Heavy rain destroys city wall in Pyu ancient city

Picture Eastern city wall in Sri Ksetra, Pyi Township, had been damaged due to heavy rain.

31 July 19 - Source: Eleven Media - PYI-Due to heavy rain, eastern city hall in Sri Ksetra, Pyi Township, Bago Region (west) was collapsed nearly 30 feet yesterday morning, according to World Heritage Department (Branch) of Archeological Research and National Museum Department under the Ministry of Culture.

As there have been three consecutive days of downpour in Pyi Township, water flowed along the eastern part of Sri Ksetra, causing some portions of the city hall to collapse.

"Heavy rain poured down in Pyi Township including Sri Ksetra Archeological zone last three days. Therefore, nearly 30 feet portion of the palace's city wall collapsed from heavy rain. If we can preserve the city wall from natural disasters in a timely manner, we can still save it. Heavy rain has to pour down yearly in our region. In the past, we had made a feasibility survey together with the engineers. Later, we asked to use the budget for renovation of ancient cities. Although reports about renovation of palace city walls had been submitted to the ministry, there had been budget delay. So, the palace city wall can't be preserved in timely. Now, we submit the feasibility reports about the damages if there will be a downpour," said Deputy-Director Kyaw Myo Win from Sri Ksetra archeological zone.

The Meeting of World Heritage being held in Doha, Qatar on June 22nd, 2014, designated three Myanmar's ancient Pyu Cities--- Hanlin, Beikthano and Sri Ksetra--- respectively located in Sagaing, Magway and Bago regions, as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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