About 20 huts in Hpakant swept along with torrential rain

Picture Flood occurred in Hpakant Township, Kachin State.

1 Aug 19 - Source: Eleven Media - MYIKYINA-About 20 huts in Seikmu village-tract, Hpakant Township, Kachin State, were swept along with the waters, leaving one dead, says Zaw Moe, one of the members of Hpakant Social Welfare Association.

As of now, especially vulnerable places such as over 30 squatter huts have been transferred to safer locations.

"Although there is no very heavy rain, there has been a lot of water collected as it rained all day. We evacuated over 30 squatter huts at the waste dump in Seikmu village-tract. People there have been transferred to the safer places including monasteries. But one person was seen swept along by the current near Phar Pyin village. It is now confirmed that the victim died," said Zaw Moe.

The Township Administrative Department already accommodated the flood victims at the monastery in Kayinchuang village and provided rice bags, drinking water, rations and medicines to them.

Until yesterday evening, the bridge on Hpakant-Moekaung road was flooded due to torrent water from Nantain Creek. Moreover, vehicles already blocked and passengers were crossing the bridge by building the rafts, according to U Myo from Yarzar Min Passenger Bus.

The Kachin State Meteorology and Hydrology Department announced that there would be a downpour about next three days in Kachin State due to strong monsoon.

Moreover, landslide had occurred in Hpakant region on June 22nd , 2018 due to torrential rain leaving at least 14 dead and four were missing.

As jade companies had thrown their waste to Uru River in Kachin State, many years ago, the river level increased nearly 30-ft. Moreover, villages near in Uru River have to face the flooding yearly.

Therefore, the locals had complained to the relevant departments including the vice-president in 2014 about the waste being illegally thrown by jade companies.

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