Moved Villages due to bank erosion face water shortage


02 May 19 - Source: Eleven Myanmar - Villages that had temporarily moved to safer places due to riverbank erosion in Kawa Townships in Bago Region are facing water shortages.

Villages, namely Yegyaw, Ahyoepon, Gar Gyi Son, Mamauk, and Tadao O villages in Kawa township, and villages facing sea faced bank erosion and as a result, there are no drinking ponds in these villages.

The rest of the drinking ponds were dry due to extremely hot weather. There are also less drinking water donors in these villages.

Villages in Kawa township face riverbank erosion every year, continually prompting them to move onto other places. Apart from the hot season, they gather rainwater and rely water from ponds for their living.

This year, they are facing unprecedented levels of water shortage.

"In April or May, our villages usually faced shortage of water. We share from the rest drinking ponds. This year, there is no drinking ponds left for us to share. The rich and affordable moved to Bago. The less fortunate only stayed at the villages. Bank erosion continually occurred without ceasing. We face difficulty in living, and drinking. We are always looking forward to water donors," said a local from Mamauk new village.

Matters on getting permanent places of villages facing bank erosion in Kawa and Thanet townships, education of school age children, livelihood of villagers were submitted to Bago Region government but no effective measures have been taken till now.

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