Myanmar Water Journal - May 2019

Welcome to the May edition of the Myanmar Water Journal. Providing you the latest news, insights, opportunities and events from the Myanmar water sector.

Looking Back to Thingyan Festival

We have collected the vibes of Thingyan Festival from different sources across the country.

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Spotlights for News based on Water Themes

May Newsletter will be filled with
  • Disasters & Flooding - Myanmar may face water shortage due to El Niño and late monsoon arrival.
  • River & Inland Water - The Sustainable Mekong Research Network (SUMERNET) announces a call for concept notes for its research grants for 2019.
  • Integrated Water Resources Management - The second phase of the five-new-year IWRM project, has been approved by the Norwegian embassy in Myanmar.
  • Water Supply - The application of Capacitive Deionization (CDI) for the desalination of ground water.
  • Urban Development - Interesting Report 2018 on Urban Management Program in Mandalay. 
  • Capacity Building - Pyae Phyo Kyaw from Young Expert Programme (YEP) is willing to develop the overall performance of Mandalay City Development Committee (MCDC).
Snapshots - the Overview of Water-related Disasters in Myanmar.
Burmese Articles

We introduced Burmese articles. There are two reasons why we are doing this.

  • It's more convenient for our readers to understand water-related projects.
  • To provide knowledge sharing from different sources, websites, blogs, brochures, and newspapers, etc - to make it accessible in Burmese.
We shared two Burmese articles.
  • The movement of saline water into groundwater (aquifers) and Greater Yangon Part 2 , originally written by U Myint Thein.
  • Governing the Ayeyarwadyis, originally written by Joern Kristensen CEO of Myamar Institute for Integrated Development (MIID).

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