Integrated Water Resources Management Project in Bago moves into second phase


28 Apr 19 - The second phase of the IWRM project has been approved for funding by the Norwegian embassy in Myanmar. The project is part of the Myanmar Norway Environmental Programme phase II. Five new years for the Integrated Water Resources Management – Training and Institution Building project from 2019-2023 focusing on the aims of knowledge based decision making, coordinated, and transparent decision making including a system for involvement of civil society. We will continue the work of piloting the river basin management approach reflecting the Myanmar National Water Framework Directive (adopted by NWRC, 2014) in the Bago Region (Sittaung River Basin), and later progress into the Tanintharyi Region.

On April 25th a preparatory meeting to discuss coordination issues, plans, synergies among the three projects, the IWRM II (short name), the Biodiversity II project, and the Management of Hazardous Waste II. The Norwegian Water Research Institute (NIVA) is coordinating the Environmental Programme second phase from the Norwegian side, the Watershed Management Division Forest Department is the coordinator on the Myanmar side.

First phase of Integrated Water Resources Management in Bago sub-basin area

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Piloting river basin management in the Bago Sub-basin, experiences and recommendations

The aim of the IWRM project has been to pilot the development of a coordinated River Basin Management Plan. The report presents the procedures applied and the experiences gained as part of this pilot in the Bago River Sub-basin during the period2015 - 2018. The report explains the basic principles f...
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