Scenic Dee Doke waterfall draws visitors

DSCN5817 Visitors gather Dee Doke waterfall in Mandalay Region. Photo: Tain Taman

2 April 19 - Source: Global New Light Of Myanmar - The Dee Doke waterfall in Mandalay Region, which is regarded as PyinOoLwin's second Peik Chin Myaung on account of its scenic views, is crowded with visitors.
Visitors find the waterfall, surrounded by beautiful mountains, quite attractive. They prefer to head to Dee Doke to enjoy the unpolluted air and bask in the scenic view of the Dokehtawady river winding its way through the mountains.
The waterfall can be accessed conveniently by bike and car. Tourists can also opt to hike to the waterfall. Walking sticks can be purchased on the mountain road at an affordable price. The waterfall has 10 viewpoints and 10 blue lagoons. The lagoons are deep enough for swimming. Travellers can rent inflatable swimming rings for safety. Tourists often prefer to bathe under the main waterfall.
The waterfall also has facilities such as changing rooms and restaurants for the convenience of travelers. A visit to the waterfall can help 'conquer the anxiety of life' and relieve stress, say travellers.

— Tain Taman
(Translated by La Wonn)

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