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​Derived from the Quarterly Newsletter of Global Water Partnership (GWP)

The dialogue on sharing knowledge from various research works on harvest moisture from thin air to collect water was held at Irrigation and Water Utilization Management Department on 5th December 2018 in Yangon, Myanmar. The dialogue is part of the MyanmarWater Partnership ac-tivity in collaboration with the Nationalities Youth Resource Development Degree College. All together 40 participants from water related organizations such as 1 government institution, 2 universities, 2 International Engineering Company, representative from Netherlands Embassy, the Nether-lands Enterprise Agency, TU Delft, 2 NWRC Advisory group members and 1 media (Water Agency) organization participated the dialogue. The objective of the dialogue was to focus on sharing the methodology and results of the research. The research was carried out to ensure water collection from thin air moisture by using low cost materials and simple technique so that it will produce clean and drinking water.

The researchers are the students from Nationalities Youth Resource Development Degree College who were coming from ethnic groups and border area of Myanmar and intended to spread out this knowledge to their native places when they graduated. The process started with carry out practical experiments in the university followed by field works at their hometown. This is understandable since their knowledge on the local situation concerning how far they must travel to get water for their village and what the suitability and the presence of local materials. The last stage is to report the result to their respective professor in hoping to improve the methodology and the result.

Myanmar Water Partnership support and promote this type of initiative and persuade the youth to explore any possible innovation and cost-effective way of thinking to enrich the knowledge of the stakeholders and if possible, to share all the lesson learned nationally and internationally. AW

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