Private water pumps to be allowed at Mandalay’s Thingyan

Photo-MDY-Thingyan Revelers playing water festival beside Mandalay moat. Phyo Wai Kyaw/The Myanmar Times

07 March 19 - Source: Myanmar Times - Private water pumps will be allowed beside the moat during Thingyan celebrations in Mandalay from April 13 to 16, said U Thet Naing, deputy head of the Revenue Department of the Mandalay City Development Committee.

Although the MCDC allowed applications for permits to use private pumps on 80th street during Thingyan last year, they will be moved to 12th Street near the northern moat this year to make room for commercial pavilions on 80th street, U Thet Naing said.

"We will allow those who want to use private pumps on 12th street, between 80th and 76th. We will announce the prices of permits soon," he said.

Last year, a permit for a private pump cost K200,000 with a deposit of K100,000, which was refunded after Thingyan.

People who apply for the permits will be allowed to use water pumps with outlet diameters of up to five centimetres. Three hoses will be allowed for each pump. The MCDC will not allow the use of fire hose nozzles.

Most of the water-spraying pavilions for the celebration are near the moat in Mandalay city, and people congregate in those areas. Traffic congestion is expected near the pavilions as throngs of revellers gather there for some much-needed respite from the hot weather.

"Last year, a fine of K500,000 was imposed on those who erected pavilions without permission. Such action will also be taken this year," said U Thet Naing.

The MCDC will hold such events such as walking Thingyan, rural Thingyan and national races Thingyan on 66th street at the eastern moat and 26th street at the southern moat. Seventeen 30-metre-wide pavilions will be set up on 80th street, and 10 on 12th street at the northern moat.

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