"Wastes....how it can affect the human and entire community," A Ph.D student from Mahidol University shared her motive

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Tin Marlar Thein, a Ph.D student from Mahidol University shared her experience during her undergraduate study and postgraduate study. She is currently attending the doctorate study of Environmental and Water Resources Engineering in Mahidol University. She explained why she chose Environmental and Water Resources Engineering and how she prepared to build up her future career perspective. 

After getting master of engineering of food engineering and bioprocess technology from Asian Institute Technology (AIT), she wanted to continue her academic career. By the time she had two options: one was to continue her current subject (food engineering) and the other was to change to a new related subject. As she was working as a quality control officer in private company, she found the gap what will happen after we (human) discard the waste and by-products from production lines. And also, how these wastes end up their life cycle and how it can affect the human and entire community. 

"That thought makes me decided to dig inside the environmental impacts and choose my current major, Environmental and Water Resources Engineering," she mentioned. 

"I would like to improve the awareness of environmental impacts to the community by waste water and by-products from factories, and constructions which can affect the ecosystem and biodiversity of Myanmar land and water resources," she stated her desired plan based on her expertise. 

Afterwards, she uttered how she made a plan to attend the master degree. When making a plan to study aboard, the language barrier is the first priority to consider. 

"I went to English classes around Yangon and trained myself. I gained my confidence by participating in English class presentations and social works. It really helped in my scholarship interview and secondly, I did well in my bachelor to get a good GPA to apply the full scholarship," she claimed the importance of participating in related areas which can develop your confidence and courage. 

After all, she got two scholarships to attend the master degree and current doctorate degree. She frankly said about her dream, "I wanted to go abroad and get higher degree to empower myself. As a daughter of middle-income family, it was quite difficult to get financial support from the family," she said.

"So, I have prepared a lot and charging myself to be ready to grab upcoming opportunities especially the full scholarship. With my full efforts for opportunities, I tried to apply Norwegian Government scholarship for master degree in AIT," she added her hard works and passion to study aboard. For her doctorate study, she got a full scholarship from Mahidol-Norway Capacity Building Initative for 3 years. 

"Could you pass a few word to future generation?," I mentioned that.

"For future generation, they have more chances for their dreams than us, such as open internet access, many scholarship opportunities. They only need enthusiasm and grid," she see the optimistic vision of the future.


40 Myanmar students arrive at AIT under Norwegian scholarship | Asian Institute of Technology

The students immediately launched into a bridging program by AIT's Language Center, aimed at strengthening their language, communication and research skills. The one-month bridging program has been created by AIT for these students. Two more students are scheduled to join the 40 who participated in the orientation program today.

Mahidol-Norway Capacity Building Initiative for ASEAN

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in collaboration with Mahidol University, is proud to announce the "Mahidol-Norway Capacity Building Initiative for ASEAN" project, which offers 60 two-year Master's and 40 three-year PhD scholarships to study at Mahidol University, Thailand.

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