Japanese company offers new wastewater solution

Photo 22 Sep 2013 - Waste water from a factory in Hlaing Tharyar township flows into a waterway last week. (Boothee/The Myanmar Times)

18 Feb 19 - Source: Myanmar Times - A Japanese company says it has developed new wastewater treatment technology for buildings and industry that is more effective in protecting the environment.

IGE Energy Co Ltd introduced PVA gel, or polyvinyl alcohol hydrogel, which it said immobilises harmful microorganisms, at the Yangon City Development Committee office on Thursday.

The new technology, developed by Japan's Kuraray Co, consists of gel beads that are effective in biological wastewater treatment, it said. The porous hydrogel is ideally suited for immobilising microorganisms essential for the degradation of environmental pollutants.

"This method is different from others because it uses bacteria that eats waste and sludge in the first step, so wastewater is cleaner than before," said U Yan Lin Aung, CEO of IGE Energy.

The advantages of using PVA gel include reducing the area needed to build a treatment plant, deodorising waste, reducing time to cast off waste, and reducing the percentage of sludge and maintenance cost. The PVA gel can be used for at least ten years.

"We are trying to treat the waste from buildings, industry and people. We can conduct field surveys but we need a certain amount of time to complete the work. Now we are just introducing this method," U Yan Lin Aung added.

The 4mm spherical beads have excellent fluidity in water, and require minimal energy for mixing. It has very high water content due to its porosity, allowing for favourable permeability of oxygen and nutrients to the bacteria colonised inside the beads. The treatment ability of PVA gel can be enhanced up to five times that of conventional activated sludge.

"This method for treatment is a good one because finding a place to build a treatment plant is big problem in Myanmar," said U Khin Hnin Aye, deputy director of the YCDC. "This method can reduce the area needed and the cost of building a waste water treatment plant."

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