Meeting with Myanmar Purified Drinking Water Association about groundwater extraction


U Ye Htut, Chairman of Myanmar Purified Drinking Water Association

U Ye Htut, Chairman of Myanmar Purified Drinking Water Association, speaks about the story of the association, the objectives and the current activities in Myanmar.

He provided me of information and profile of the association and tried to elaborate more about its activities in Myanmar. Myanmar Purified Drinking Water Association (MPDWA) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization focused on knowledge sharing about drinking water quality and water purification technology (and equipment) not only for local water companies but also for communities.

"People need to know the quality of the drinking water around them. We accept drinking water quality which has the PH value between 6.5 to 8.5 (Ref: WHO Guideline for Drinking Water Quality). So then, for each household, people need to have PH meter. Simply it is for health." he mentioned.

Most of us don't think about the water we drink. We turn on a tap, fill a glass, and drink it. But how much water do you really need to drink every day? Is the water you're drinking safe or would bottled water be safer? What can you do if your tap water suddenly becomes contaminated?

Knowledge of Drinking water quality

He made public seminars and meetings to inform or contribute the knowledge of drinking water quality, together with the organizations from China, Singapore and Thailand. It's important to exchange knowledge and products of water technology between local stakeholders and international contributors.

"International stakeholders are surprised that we could spend 300 to 400 kyats for 1.5 liter of water bottle. In Bangkok, it costs 500 to 600 kyats. Of course, we have abundant water resources to cover the population"

Groundwater Extraction

Normally, most of the drinking water production extract the raw water from the underground reservoirs. It may not be urgent issue in these days for Yangon City but in few years, this could become a potential problem. Overexploitation of groundwater causes land subsidence together with the fact of constructing the high-rise building and sea level rise.

We must stay alert and keep monitoring the situation. The comparative presentation of groundwater management has been made by U Myint Thein, advisory members of National Water Resources Committee (NWRC). Check out the presentation.

In recent years, groundwater water levels are dropping compared with existing hydrogeological monitoring data from 1992 are nearly 100% decline mostly in downtown Yangon.
Presentation of Overexploitation Of Groundwater And Consequence In Yangon (Myanmar) And Bangkok (Thailand)

The registration and privilege of the members

In order to become a member of this association, one needs to own a water purifier. The association also encourage drinking water Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). The enterprise needs to have a certificate approved by Food and Drug Administrative (FDA). Registration fee cost 50,000 kyats and yearly fee charges 100,000 kyats.

When you become a member, the member can replace or buy the spare part of the purifier with original price. The member can discuss about the technology and support with the association. The association, together with FDA is eliminating from Illegal markets among drinking water distribution. Additionally, the members are allowed to attend the technological training course with 50 percent discount.

U Ye Htut gave the quote of the association ,"You are not alone in drinking water business because our team is stand with you."

You can like and follow the facebook page of Myanmar Purified Drinking Water Association (MPDWA) in Burmese.

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