Showcasing Smart Information Solutions in the Ayeyarwady Delta at Greater Mekong Forum 2018


In countries like Myanmar a decent system for data collection and monitoring is often missing. But having access to sufficient and accurate data is essential for making fact-based decisions, predictions and policy-making. However, this scarcity can be turned into an advantage: by skipping less efficient and more expensive older technologies, the road is free for more advanced and cost-effective solutions!

To stimulate innovation VP Delta started the project "Leapfrogging Delta Management in Myanmar". Together with universities, ministries and water partners in Myanmar they gave the floor to several Dutch innovative start-ups and SME's to test and demonstrate their innovative monitoring tools for data collection in Myanmar. In all thematic areas smart ways of collecting, analysing and using data are combined. Take a look at the innovations in the fields of rainfall, river, coastal, water quality and soil/subsidence.

VP Delta has bundled all smart solutions presented by the different start-ups and SME's in a nice overview booklet.

A whole package of delta solutions showed up in Greater Mekong Forum

​ On the 4 th of December 2018, there was a session – Smart Innovations for better decision-making in Deltas that several Dutch innovators together with Myanmar experts have tested and demonstrated new ways of both remote sensing and ground data collection in combination with modelling. Seven of the...

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