A whole package of delta solutions showed up in Greater Mekong Forum

A whole package of delta solutions showed up in Greater Mekong Forum Leapfrogging Delta Session in Greater Mekong Forum 2018

On the 4th of December 2018, there was a session – Smart Innovations for better decision-making in Deltas that several Dutch innovators together with Myanmar experts have tested and demonstrated new ways of both remote sensing and ground data collection in combination with modelling.

Seven of the Dutch start-ups were staying together in one room and settled down in each corner, prepare to present their products. Not an ordinary session – standing or sitting, listening in one place, this is a very dynamic session, the audiences needed to interact and ask questions that came to mind.

Oh……. Wait! Talking about asking the questions: What does VP Delta actually mean?

VP Delta is an abbreviation of Valorization Programme for Delta technology & water. It consists of each of their companies' knowledge and experience to come up with innovative small-scale and affordable products which are able to offer solutions to issues in urban delta region.

There may be general issues in urban delta region such as subsidence, catchment erosion & sedimentation, River sedimentation and water pollution. Hey, many issues and challenges exist in delta region. These innovators are working together as a team and we believe they can crack the code together.

Excited to learn more about them, check out their websites for more information:

Water Quality - Regarding to solve water pollution, there is a simple, fast, reliable and most importantly, low cost package to measure the water quality easily. Check out the Akvo products.

Land subsidence – Which is one of the important facts when developing the new urban area and coastal region, we as a future generation try to use advanced and comprehensive technology rather than using conventional ways. Using satellite, SkyGeo can see through clouds to measure the rate of subsidence with accuracy to a millimeter from anywhere in the world.

Irrigation advice – considering to delta region, irrigation and water are coming together in one place. Taking advices from VanderSat might be better which is using microwave satellites to measure soil moisture by calculating evapotranspiration, monitoring the development of floods, droughts and weather patterns.

Oh, fishermen we don't forget thinking about your livelihood.  Fishfinder – one of the tools of HKV consultants, is a flexible and low-cost sonar equipment intended to locate fish, and furthermore, suitable for measuring depths and sediment and relevant data for dam reservoirs too.

Flood Prevention – which is the most obvious issue in urban and rural region. Shore's unique and innovative approach shows a smarter and cheaper way to indicate high quality data on relevant river parameters which require data or related consultancy on rivers and coasts.

Rainfall – For better water management, FutureWater presents RainMyanmar, an online tool with an intuitive user interface for extracting, analyzing and comparing spatio-temporal rainfall information for the states, regions of Myanmar.

Coastal Development – With a small motion sensor, Wavedroid measures wave speed, height and frequency to understand beach erosion issues, port development and coastal development.

Now I see…….

It seems like a whole package of delta solutions - technologies which can easily, effectively and efficiently manage coastal and delta region are compiled in one place. So that's why it is called VP Delta. 


Great closing session of the Leapfrogging Delta Management project – inspiring insights and concrete solutions

After two years of exciting measurement campaigns, collecting loads of data and translating these to useful information, the Partners for Water project "Leapfrogging Delta Management in Myanmar" came to a successful end. To share all the results and spin-offs of the project, a session was held at the WLE Greater Mekong Forum in Yangon on the 4th of December 2018. This session took place in a fully packed room, consisting of many of the Myanmar counterparts, government staff, university staff, students and international guests. For this occasion, also 7 of the Dutch start-ups travelled to Yangon to share their stories and demonstrate their innovations.
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