Updated version Wastewater Assessment tool - Water Risk Filter 5.0 spread among Myanmar Water Sector

Photo Felipe Coelho Costa introduced Water Risk Filter New Version

On the 26th of November, WWF Myanmar invited government organization, private companies for the introduction of the new updated version (5.0 Version) of Water Risk Filter, a free online tool for wastewater assessment. Felipe Coelho Costa, the technical leader from WWF Germany, explained the tool, designed to be easy to use by non-water experts to assess both basin and operational risks. Currently, Environmental Conservation Law and Regulation have been enacted and most of the private companies that produce wastewater from the industries are forced to implement wastewater treatment and follow these guidelines.

However, regarding the business value of industrial enterprise, most of these businesses are small and medium enterprises that cannot be considered for wastewater treatment, not even to calculate their wastewater assessment. Therefore, this free online tool might be helpful to establish the options for treatment implementation without spending additional costs.

Getting to know basin, operational, and analyze risk, it is easy to fill out questions that the website provided to submit the impact assessment of the industry.

Besides for companies the tool can also be used for educational purposes. Students who are pursuing research on wastewater treatment and assessment are able to apply for their research papers and thesis.

The leading, online tool was developed by WWF and the German Development Finance Institution DEG. The new upgraded version is named Water Risk Filter 5.0. The previous version of this tool had already been introduced to the participants of 4th Water Stewardship Meeting in Myanmar. The upgraded Water Risk Filter will guide users along their water stewardship journey from assessment to response to water risks. As updated, the Explore and Assess sections are now online and the Value and Respond sections will be going live soon.

Visit the website: http://waterriskfilter.panda.org/

The Water Risk Filter, a free online tool for wastewater assessment

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