Dutch expertise to support Yangon’s water management

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​14 Nov 18 - Source: Myanmar Times - Yangon's regional government will receive support to tackle challenges regarding urban water and water logistics by a coalition of Dutch companies and organisations. The companies signed an agreement with the authorities to improve water supply, resources, governance and innovation; and oversee sriver transport, dredging and tunneling. The agreement is a 3-year programme under the Dutch government's "Partners for International Business" (PIB) programme.

Chief Minister U Phyo Min Thein met the Dutch companies in June this year during his official visit to the Netherlands, and invited Dutch expertise and input on key issues related to water management.

The agreement was signed on October 31 between the Dutch ambassador, Wouter Jurgens, representatives of the PIB coalition and U Phyo Min Thein, coinciding with a three-day innovation challenge in which 40 students from universities across Myanmar, developed and presented their ideas for a more sustainable and resilient Yangon.

Dutch Consortium Signs 3-Year Agreement to Support the Yangon Region with Urban Water and Water Logistics Challenges.

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