In Myanmar, The First Recorded Effects of Climate Change


​4 Nov 18 - Source: The Stropu - In some regions of Myanmar have already felt the first negative effect from global climate change. According to our site with reference to The Guardian, changing weather conditions and rising water levels have meant that many residents were left homeless.

The first effects of global warming was felt by inhabitants of coastal towns and small settlements. The sea level has risen dramatically, the edge of the beach started to erode a few years ago, and recently the sea has absorbed well in the small village of Hindon, which was the only source of fresh water among the population. Storm surges have destroyed many homes, and experts say that the erosion of the coast affected not less than 2 kilometers of coast on which is situated the village. Earlier, the UN experts issued a new report which says that there are only 12 years to curb the approaching climate catastrophe.

Experts urged to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to average temperature on the planet increased by 3 degrees. The experts recalled that even slight warming can lead to catastrophic consequences: flooding of coastal settlements, as well as the emergence of hundreds of millions of refugees from the most troubled countries.

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