Young Entrepreneurs Start Company to Improve Health by Providing Clean Water Containers in Rural Villages


Bogo bottle sells high-quality, double-walled, stainless steel water bottles. For every bottle purchased, a clean drinking water container is donated in a rural village. In cooperation with NGOs, Bogo Bottle has already donated hundreds of clean drinking water containers in rural villages of Myanmar and Nicaragua.Enter heading here...

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1 Nov 18 - Source: Digital Journal - The goal of Bogo Bottle is to promote clean drinking water, improve public health and reduce waste from disposable bottled water use. Bogo Bottle is a for-profit company with a philanthropic motivation.

BOGO is an acronym for buy-one-give-one. When one bottle is purchased, we give one. By purchasing a Bogo Bottle, people will help provide a clean water container to one person in need.

When a Bogo Bottle is sold in the United States, it helps the individual user to drink adequate quantities of water from a clean, re-usable container. The bottles are high-quality, double-walled, insulated and are made from food-grade stainless steel. The exterior has a durable powder coating with laser-etched logo and strong loop lid. In return for every Bogo Bottle purchased, one clean water jug is donated to a needy family in a developing country.

When a clean water jug is donated in a rural village, it will help the family transport water from their water source to their residence in a safe and manageable fashion. Education will be provided to encourage clean and sanitary methods for using the water jug in order to prevent contamination of the water in the household.

As seen in many poor, rural locations in developing countries, water is hauled and stored in any type of container available. Often this includes old oil, paint or fuel containers because these old containers are readily available. Residual oil, paint or fuel often linger in the containers and can cause short-term and long-term health problems, such as headaches and cancer. In addition, these already-contaminated water jugs are not properly cleaned over time and provide an environment for bacterial growth which leaves a dirty film on the inside of the containers.

The clean jugs supplied by Bogo Bottle will be donated in partnership with humanitarian non-government organizations (NGOs) that are working to improve clean water supply. The clean water containers will be distributed directly to families and will include an educational component to teach the importance of keeping the jug clean and free of bacteria or contamination.

Bogo Bottle has already donated hundreds of clean drinking water containers in Myanmar and Nicaragua and is currently raising money to make a bulk purchase of the bottles by crowdfunding and pre-selling bottles on

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