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How Myanmar Water Hub can look like - illustration at the MyanmarWater Event

Photo Take a seat and chat about Water-related topic on the spot

What is Hub? ​ 

A Hub is a central space for people to connect or be connected to. The Water Agency was proud to host the first of its kind Myanmar Water Hub (or home) for like-minded water professionals at the MyanmarWater event. Our Myanmar Water Hub concept is constantly evolving from a more informal gathering into a more structured and concrete vision with the ambition to design a real physical space to facilitate conversations for the Myanmar Water Eco-system.

Explain and talk about technology and small and medium sized enterprises (SME)

 The Myanmar Water Hub offered visitors of the MyanmarWater event a meeting- and workspace. During the 3 days, our 'living room' was constantly occupied with an interesting mix of people. Visitors shared their appreciation to have a neutral safe space to meet for a water dialogue, enjoy coffee and cake and be engaged in spotlight sessions.

For us, The Water Agency, we played a natural role to connect relevant stakeholders to each other – and eventually even connected different people from different booths to each other. There was room for knowledge sharing, business development and capacity building presented via a funky designed roadmap.

There was also space for SME's to showcase their products – and this became one of the most popular areas of the hub. People like to experience and test water innovations on the spot – our hub can evolve in a living lab for water entrepreneurs and students. 

Depicting like a living room

Myanmar Water Hub

There is high and growing level of interest to do business in Myanmar water sector. Many international companies actively trying to develop opportunities. As it is, many of them go it alone and often go through a costly and inefficient trial-and-error market entry process: they may not have a 1. flexible local office or representative, they have little 2. market intelligence, they don't have access to 3. well-organised Water Roadmap, they struggle to 4. understand the local business customs and government procedures and local staff and 5. sharing project Showcases for marketing communication purposes, and 6. Water connect online hub for 24/7 access etc.

The Myanmar Water Hub aims to offer these companies and organisations a platform for a. matchmaking, b. showcasing, c. collaborating and d. networking. It's a strategic portal for communication and cooperation amongst the local and international water sector partners in Myanmar. It serves to connect all partners, both small and large companies. There is a shared vision by its members to utilize its collective expertise for the benefit of all parties involved. There will be an interchange of regional and Myanmar showcases amongst its Water Hub members and local water players. The Water Hub is besides virtual, also hosted on exciting or strategic locations; it needs to be more than just a meeting or network venue.The Water Hub also facilitates the organization of interactive meetings that are focused around interesting water themes (Community of Practice). 

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