Feasibility of Velocity Measurements by a Drifter in the Yangon River


Janssen, M.P.J.
Koning, R.J.


Myanmar is dealing with a large data deficit, which is in contrast with the substantial need for it. The implementation of measuring techniques to obtain hydro- and morphodynamic data is an upcoming process. Measuring velocities can be valuable for calibrating models or giving estimates of sedimentation and erosion. An example of a measuring method is the use of a drifter, which is common for nearshore applications, but less for rivers. Therefore the feasibility of a drifter is tested in the Yangon River. The design includes amongst others drogues, which try to follow the governing velocity, and a GPS-tracker. This design was calibrated, where the number of drogues is adjusted to five. During the measurement campaign a flow meter was used to find the best fit for which depth the drifter measures its velocities, according to the weighted least squares error method. With this results, the values are scaled to a line of best fit. Subsequently the results are compared with a simulation, in which the already scaled results are adjusted to their respective direction. The average difference between simulation and measurements appeared to be 20%.

Download Link https://repository.tudelft.nl/islandora/object/uuid:18bc26ad-1c05-4f9b-87b6-689e7c025211/datastream/OBJ/download

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