Experts warn of more landslides in Mount Popa area


 Source: mmtimes, 25th October 2017

Mount Popa is not likely to erupt, but a tragedy can still occur if the problems that led to a landslide last week are not addressed, experts who conducted investigation in the area warned on Tuesday. 

Dr Soe Moe Kyaw Win with the Myanmar Geosciences Society attributed the landslide near Popa Taung Kalat (Pedestal Hill) to above average rainfall in the area and indiscriminate construction and expansion of houses and shops in the area, as well as the ongoing road construction in the village.

"To build road leading to Taung Kalat, retaining walls have to be built. This work blocked a stream which is like natural drainage for the rainwater," he said. "The nature of water is to flow wherever it can flow. Because of this, underground water level is on the rise."


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