Insights of Myanmar Community of Practice (CoP) Water in the City workshop


​On the 22nd of March 2018, World Water Day, The Water Agency (TWA) initiated the first Myanmar Community of Practice (CoP) workshop in Yangon at the beautiful and authentic building of Yangon Heritage Trust (YHT). During Piet Filet's visit to Yangon in January, local stakeholders were inspired by the Flood Community of Practice that is successfully practiced in Australia. 

The Myanmar Water CoP stimulates peer-to-peer knowledge exchange and learning between local and international water experts and empowers local ownership. It becomes a Body of Knowledge and - as a collective - will act as a Facilitator and a Connector to help water experts to "join the conversation". The CoP provides a connection between existing groups and provides a key place for water issues related matters to be considered, discussed and resolved.

Various types of Myanmar stakeholders who are currently working in water sector participated in this Myanmar CoP leadership engagement workshop to build a collective vision on Water in the City over the next 2 years; what can the network best focus on as it builds this vision through knowledge and experience sharing activities. High level seniors and Young Professionals were engaged in the workshop and they shared their knowledge and different expertise upon the 'Water in the City' building blocks: Urban Design and Urban Ecosystem Services.

The professionals discussed the following items: 1. what water insights of the Yangon Declaration are most important to them, 2. what kind of professionals and organizations are needed to be included in the Community of Practice (CoP), 3. what are the current knowledge gaps and 4. how to expand the community within coming two months?

The leadership committee included participants from Myanmar Water Partnership (MmWP), National Engineering and Planning Services (NEPS), Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC), Yangon Heritage Trust (YHT), Myanmar Maritime University (MMU), River and Coastal Shapers Community and Alumni-network of Myanmar-Netherlands Water Challenge 2016.

The participants were keen to schedule a date for the next workshop (in two months) and committed themselves to invite more like-minded professionals for Myanmar Water Community of Practice (CoP). This is only the beginning of building a diverse community of passionate Water in the City practitioners.

Please find enclosed the notes of the Leadership Engagement meeting.

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