Dr. Piet Filet in Myanmar 2019

After his visit in 2018, our Managing Partner – Australia, Dr. Piet Filet is in town for a week (21 – 25, January). He is an expert on water management, specifically on flood resilience. Besides, he has expertise in engagement and community management on the topic of water. He met with many of stakeholders during his first visit to Myanmar to gain more insights about the country's water sector.

Personally, what he likes the most about Myanmar is that people are friendly and always eager to learn.

Before kicking off the new year, reflect on the highlight of his last year journey to Myanmar: The Water Agency successfully organized the first Myanmar Community of Practice (CoP): Water in the City, with the ambition of developing an interactive and engaging community of multi-stakeholders, in collaboration with Engineering Department (Water and Sanitation), YCDC in May 2018 leading by Dr. Piet Filet.

During his week in Yangon, Dr. Piet Filet will engage many activities around flooding and urban water resilience:

  • Community of Practice: Building on Yangon Water Agenda 2019
  • Building resilience: What does this mean for the Water Sector? Including some examples such as the book Water Futures and Water-Wise Cities.
  • Explore and discussion around Kandawgyi Lake: Water is part of our life-style, what is the lake offering us as an ecosystem service, and what do we do as water professionals?

If you like to be part of our community, Dr. Piet Filet will be hosting a community of practice workshop on Wednesday afternoon - 23rd of January (Save the Date). More information will come soon. Join us there!

Please RSVP at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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