Stay Tuned to the details of the Pre-Project Documents


November 22, 2018

The past weeks have been hectic as we approach the final stage of negotiations with China Communications Construction Company Ltd., (CCCC) for the preparation of the Pre-Project Documents (PPD). These documents will pave the way for the first stage of the NYDC Challenge. The details of the PPD would be announced soon and it includes the following scope of works:

1. The construction of a 6-lane Bridge-1 spanning the Hlaing River from Kyinmyindine Kannar Road near Bargaya Road to the new city;

2. The construction of a 2-lane Bridge-2 crossing Pan Hlaing River alongside the existing Pan Hlaing River Bridge;

3. The construction of 26 km of artery roads to reach the various major nodes of the new city;

4. The construction of basic infrastructure and utilities for the five new Resettlement Village Towns;

5. The construction of infrastructure for the first 10 sq km of Industrial Estate;

6. The construction of a Water Treatment plant with a capacity to serve the entire new city;

7. The construction of a Waste Water Treatment plant with the capacity to serve the entire new city.

8. The construction of Water Intake Facility near Toe River located approximate 32 km from New Yangon City and the construction of Water Main Distribution Line;

9. The construction of Power Distribution & Transmission facilities.

The Yangon Regional Government held a special Cabinet Meeting on 14 November 2018 to review the terms of the various Agreements. We are very encouraged by how receptive the Cabinet Ministers were and there will be more discussions in the near future.

I am sure the general public will be anxious to know the details of the proposed PPD. This will naturally be fully disclosed when the requisite approvals are obtained and the NYDC Challenge is launched.

In the meantime, the construction of our site office is moving ahead in full swing across the Pan Hlaing River within the site of New Yangon. It is estimated that the site office will be ready for use by the end of January 2019.

NYDC's Project Management team, together with the project's Social & Compliance team will sit at this site office to oversee the project's development. The scope of the Social & Compliance is to handle all grievances and complaints arising from this Project.

On 26 October, NYDC had a meeting with senior architects and planners from Association of Myanmar Architects led by Chairman U San Oo. NYDC explained the aspiration of New Yangon City which is to create 2 million jobs, as well as presented the findings of the Social-Economic Master Plan and AECOM's vision of designing Master Plan for New Yangon City.


Serge Pun 

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