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Zoltán Illés, Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy

Myanmar is a Southeast Asian Country surrounded by Thailand, Laos, China, India, and Bangladesh. The almost 100 years old University of Yangon is the oldest Arts and Science University of Myanmar with 22 departments, located in Yangon, the previous capital. In 2010, Myanmar re-entered the global scene after 22 years of isolation. Since then the country performed steady economic growth by opening new opportunities to national and foreign investors and international donors.
While Myanmar boasts the richness of water resources, spatial and temporal distribution of rainfall is highly uneven, resulting in water scarcity and diversification in a central dry zone. On the other hand flash floods in the Northern and Western areas and floods and salinization problems in the Ayarwaddy delta regions of Myanmar are taking place. Water management in Myanmar is scattered across ministries and departments resulting in overlap responsibilities in some sectors and neglected in others. My collaborative research with scientists from the Central-European University hopefully will fill the gaps related to water management issues and policies in Myanmar. A planned comparative study on Integrated Water Management and Water Policy between Myanmar and Hungary could be the basis for new policy enforcement and changes in Myanmar.
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