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The United Nations (UN) Convention on the law of the Non-navigational Uses of International Watercourses (UNWC), 1997 presents an opportunity for countries sharing river basin by providing a clear legal framework. By setting rules and standards, the UNWC, 1997 can strengthen water governance, enforce globally accepted legal and institutional principles and can facilitate cooperation among different stakeholders by providing clear mechanism to build consensus and reach agreements on the governance of transboundary rivers.

The dialogue on “UNWC (1997) as a tool for cooperative transboundary water governance and sustainable basin management” will be facilitated by IUCN under the BRIDGE programme in partnership with National Water Resource Committee (NWRC) of Myanmar. The objective of the dialogue is to bring together relevant stakeholders from Myanmar working on/or having influence on water governance, to:

- review the principles and provisions of UNWC (1997) and assesses its implications for the management of the transboundary rivers in Myanmar
- discuss and identify the advantages of UNWC (1997) ratification by Myanmar.
- better define how the BRIDGE programme can support Myanmar and gather inputs for the designing of BRIDGE Mekong Phase IV (2019 – 2021).
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