Experts say 70% of nation’s coral reefs are damaged

07 Oct 19 - Source: Myanmar Times - Local and foreign experts have warned that the country's coral reef cover has declined by 70 percent, but the actual figure is difficult to ascertain because of a lack of data. During a recent meeting to come up with a national action plan to protect sharks and ma...
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Wrap Up of "Flow Together" Event

The event, named "Flow Together", was initiated by Local Port Design and Consultancy company - Think Maritime Co., Ltd. and co-organized with the Netherlands company - The Water Agency. The main intention is to gather MMU graduated working professionals from Port and Harbor and River and Coastal maj...
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Drowning in a sea of plastic

01 Oct 19 - Source: Myanmar Times - Since the mass production of plastic began, almost six billion tonnes of it – approximately 91 percent – has remained in our air, land and water. Plastic production and use is embedded in the global economy, and in our natural environment. This culture of waste is...
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Two Mandalay lakes to get wetland protection

30 Sep 19 - Source: Myanmar Times - Mandalay Region's Sont Ye Lake in Kyaukse township and Paleik Lake in Tada-U will be designated as protected wetlands to conserve them and regulate development, a senior regional official said. U Myo Thit, regional minister for Natural Resources and Environmental ...
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Yangon water buses suspended for month-long upgrade

28 Sep 19 - Source: Global New Light Of Myanmar - The Yangon water bus service has been suspended for one month from 27 September to 30 October on account of a major upgrade, according to U Ngwe Phyo Paing, the manager of the Yangon water bus service.The water bus services are being suspended to all...
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A Platform To Search for International Partners Around the World

With the most extensive and diverse network of funding agencies, development banks, multilateral/bilateral donors and government bodies, DevelopmentAid is able to assemble data on water projects into a standardized and centralized platform of tenders and grants. By monitoring the investments made by...
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Increasing Demand for Piped-Water Supply in Mandalay: Athena Infonomics’ Research Outcomes

The Mandalay City Development Committee (MCDC) is facing severe challenges in improving its water service coverage. It is also facing mounting financial losses. In this context, MCDC called for actionable insights on improving its coverage and the potential for tariff hikes to ensure financial susta...
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Collecting reusable trash on the Yangon River

27 Sep 19 - Source: Myanmar Times - The Yangon River is thick with mud, and busy with boats of all sizes. Sometimes shipping containers make their way across the city shores, and others times trawlers can be seen shifting sand or oil between the docks. But these giants are far outnumbered by the sma...
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ပင်လယ်မျက်နှာပြင် ပိုမိုမြင့်တက်လာနေခြင်းနှင့် စပ်လျင်း၍ (Sea Level Rising)

ကမ႓ာ့ရာသီဥတု ပိုမိုပူပြင်းလာနေခြင်း နှင့်အတူ အအေးပိုင်းဒေသများမှ ရေခဲပြင်များ အရည်ပျော်နှုန်း မြန်ဆန်လာခါ ကမ႓ာကြီး၏ ပင်လယ် သမုဒ္ဒရာများ၏ ရေမျက်နှာပြင်များကို ပိုမိုမြင့်တက်လာစေခဲ့ပါသည်။ ပင်လယ်ပြင်နှင့် ထိစပ်မှုဧရိယာ များပြားပြီး မြေနိမ့်ဒေသများ သော တိုင်းပြည်နိုင်ငံများ၌ ကြီးမားသော ဘေးဒုက္ခများကို ဖ...
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IFC statement on stakeholder consultation meeting in Taunggyi

The consultation meeting in Taunggyi on September 12 was attended by representatives from relevant government agencies including forest, agriculture, mining, irrigation, water resources utilization, department of natural disaster, department of hydropower implementation and rural development, among ...
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DRR -Team arrives in Myanmar to advise on floodings

Source: DSS Water / DRR Team - On 15 September a DRR-Team counting 4 Dutch experts arrived in Myanmar, after DRR-Team has been selected at the beginning of this month. Their objective: a scoping mission related to the floods that hit Myanmar in Mid-August. These floods led to more than 110.000 displ...
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Hundreds of Yangon activists join Global Climate Strike

23 Sep 19 - Source: Myanmar Times - Hundreds of people marched in downtown Yangon on Sunday as part of the Global Climate Strike to demand that action be taken to address the worsening effects of climate change around the world. At least 200 protesters gathered in front of Bogyoke Market and marched...
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Mon Minister says he does not want to spark fear over potential landslide disaster sites

21 Sep 19 - Source: Mizzima - Mon State government minister of natural resources and environment conservation Dr. Min Kyi said that they did not provide information on potential landslide sites in advance as they did not want people to get concerned over the potential for this form of natural disast...
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Most businesses in Myanmar not disaster-ready, experts say

19 Sep 19 - Source: Myanmar Times - Most businesses in Myanmar are not prepared for natural disasters that hit the country every year, such as drought, cyclones, landslides and floods, experts said. U Soe Tun, co-chair of the Myanmar Private Sector Disaster Management Network, said private businesse...
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Details Scarce on Funding, Planning for Flood Prevention at New Yangon City Project

18 Sep 19 - Source: The Irrawady - YANGON—Lying 5 meters below mean sea level, receiving a large amount of rainfall during the monsoon season and surrounded by waterways on three sides, the nearly 20,000-acres of land on the west bank of the Yangon River that lie directly across from Myanmar's comme...
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