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Mandalay disaster response team to work with other groups in the north

20 Jan 20 - Source: Myanmar Times - The Mandalay Disaster Response Team has joined forces with other charitable groups in northern Myanmar to strengthen its ability to respond to emergencies in the region and neighbouring areas. The organisation was formed in 2016 with members of more than 20 charit...
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သဘာဝတရားနှင့်လူသားများအား ပထမဉီးစားပေးလျှင် ဘာဖြစ်လာနိုင်သလဲ

Copenhagenမြို့သည် မြို့ပေါင်း၄၀၏မြို့တော်ဝန်များစုံညီပွဲတော် (C40 Mayors summit)ကို အိမ်ရှင်အဖြစ် လွန်ခဲ့သောလက လက်ခံကျင်းပခဲ့သည်။ ထိုပွဲသို့ ကမ္ဘာပေါ်ရှိသဘာဝပတ်ဝန်းကျင်အရေးအလေးအထားဆုံးနိုင်ငံများမှ မြို့တော်ဝန်များနှင့်မြို့ပြစီမံကိန်းရေးဆွဲသူပေါင်း ၁၀၀၀ကျော်တက်ရောက်ခဲ့ပြီး ရာသီဥတုပြောင်းလဲမှုဆိုင်...
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Water a worry for Myanmar’s farmers

13 Jan 20 - Source: Myanmar Times - Myanmar's rice growers are increasingly concerned about the amount of water in the country available for the irrigation of their crops, industry insiders say. And their worries are not exactly without foundation. U Myo Tint Tun, assistant secretary at the Ministry...
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Yangon starts project to supply water for growing population

13 Jan 20 - Source: Myanmar Times - The Yangon government has begun a project aimed at supplying more water to the region's fast growing population by tapping the Toe River, which is one of the eastern most distributaries in the Ayeyarwady Delta. Yangon Chief Minister U Phyo Min Thein said Toe River...
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Climate migrations in Myanmar

11 Jan 20 - Source: Mizzima - "We live in a part of the world that will be hit incredibly hard by climate change. The disruptions to agriculture and food security will be enormous. People will simply not be able to live as they are, where they are" Thant Myint U, 2018 "Climate Change" and "Migration...
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Satellite-based remote sensing: Advanced hands-on training

For WhomThe training is aimed at participants from a variety of backgrounds, including policy makers, researchers and the private sector. It is foreseen that an improved awareness of the opportunities offered by remote sensing data and an enhanced skillset of processing and analyzing these data will...
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Focus on drought mitigation before relief

7 Jan 20 - Source: Global New Light Of MyanmarBy Maung Lu AyeMyanmar had abundant water resources, holding 16 per cent of water resources among the ten ASEAN countries and 12 per cent of all Asia. However, with diversity in rainfall, increase in population and population density, the rise of industr...
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မီးခိုးရောင်မှအပြာရောင်သို့ - ရေအရင်းအမြစ်စီမံခန့်ခွဲမှုတွင် ဗိသုကာပညာရပ်၏အခန်းကဏ္ဍ

ရေအရင်းအမြစ်စီမံခန့်ခွဲမှုတွင် ပုံမှန်အစဉ်အလာအရ ဗိသုကာပညာရှင်ကပုံစံဖန်တီးပေးပြီး အင်ဂျင်နီယာကရေကိုဖြည့်စွက်ပေးသည်။ သို့ရာတွင် ဗိသုကာပညာရှင်များသည် အဆောက်အအုံများ၏ရေစနစ်များအား ရေးဆွဲသည့်တာဝန်ကို နည်းပညာရှင်များထံသို့ပေးအပ်ခဲ့ပြီး တစ်ပြိုင်တည်းမှာပင် မြို့နှင့်ခရိုင်အဆင့် ရေဘက်ဆိုင်ရာအခြေခံအဆောက်အအုံ...
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Conservationists to conduct census of migratory birds in Myanmar wetlands

06 Jan 20 - Source: Myanmar Times - Conservationists are set to conduct next week a census of migratory birds taking refuge in the country's wetlands to escape the biting winter in their natural habitats. Daw Thiri Dawei Aung, Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Association's (BANCA) managing direc...
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The price of Indawgyi’s gold

For communities living around Kachin State's Indawgyi Lake, small-scale gold mining is a vital source of income, but it is taking a toll on the lake's ecosystem.​By HKUN LI | FRONTIER Photos HKUN LI and NYEIN SU WAI KYAW SOE28 Dec 19 - Source: Frontier Myanmar - INDAWGYI Lake in Kachin State's Mohny...
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Pioneering Ultra-Deepwater Production Project

22 Dec 19 - Source: Global New Light Of Myanmar - Shwe Gas Field has proved the existence of natural gas deposits in the western offshore region of Myanmar. Natural resources are a blessing only for those who deserve it, and hence, it is Shwe Field, the third project in the Myanmar offshore region, ...
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Disasters in 2019 highlight need for comprehensive mitigation programme

Myanmar can't escape from natural hazards, with earthquakes, landslides and floods claiming lives and destroying billions of kyat in property and crops. 20 Dec 19 - Source: Myanmar Times - People here are no strangers to earthquakes, with several destructive tremors shaking the country every year. T...
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Japanese firms offer to improve Yangon’s water infrastructure

20 Dec 19 - Source: Myanmar Times - Some 22 Japanese companies are to meet with Myanmar companies to explore possible partnerships in the operation and maintenance of the economic capital's water system. The companies will come to Yangon on a public-private partnership mission this month as part of ...
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Myanmar Water Journal - December 2019

Myanmar Water Journal - December 2019Welcome to the December edition of the Myanmar Water Journal. Providing you the latest news, insights, opportunities and events from the Myanmar water sector.Spotlights for News based on Water ThemesDecember Newsletter will be filled with3 min video - Climate Cha...
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Consortium awarded funding to undertake Climate Adaptation Project in Thaketa

A consortium of eight companies and organisations has been awarded financial support from the prestigious Partners for Water innovation fund of the Dutch government to undertake a two-year climate adaptation pilot project in the township of Thaketa (Yangon). ​ The multidisciplinary consortium consis...
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Providing you the latest news, insights, opportunities and events from the Myanmar water sector.

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